26% Of Women See This Trait As A Huge Turn Off In Men

It's high-time you ditched this unattractive habit...

In the bedroom This could make you more attractive

There are plenty of things that might turn women off when it comes to men.

While you can never account for personal taste, it’s been revealed that a large percentage of women find that a specific trait actively puts them off when it comes to members of the opposite sex.

So what is it? Well, 26% of women allegedly find smoking to be the biggest turn off when it comes to guys.

Other bad habits include cancelling plans at the last minute, gambling, betting and heavy drinking, according to a study by Vapourlites.com.

So, it’s bad luck if you’re a heavy smoker and drinker who likes a bet and often cancels plans at short notice… you might struggle to bag a date again after this.

A cigarette smoking.
Smoking Is seriously bad for you

Smoking has often been seen as a divisive habit when it comes to the dating game, and if you needed any extra encouragement to quit, this might be it…

On the other hand, the men’s study revealed that ‘spending too much time on their phone’ was the least attractive habit a woman could have.

It’s all down to personal preferences of course, but men also revealed that spending too long getting ready, smoking and heavy drinking ranked highly as the least attractive traits in women.

However, in slightly better news, it was recently revealed that this one unexpected personality trait can make you much more attractive to members of the opposite sex. Every cloud…

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