2016 – The Best And Worst Superhero Films Of The Year

Not every superhero film this year got to be as good as Civil War.

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It seems like, for the past few years at least, we just can’t get enough superhero films. And 2016 was our lucky year, because we had an invasion of them.

Unfortunately, they can’t always be great. Some just don’t fulfil their purpose, and others simply aren’t as good as the film they precede in their respective sagas. Although other times they exceed our expectations and get even better. Here is a look at the best and worst from 2016:

Best – Deadpool


One of the things that made Deadpool one of the best was that it didn’t try to target a younger audience. That would have taken Deadpool’s essence away. It was a parade of irony and humour mixed with action that made everyone forget what a fiasco the character had turned out to be in the first Wolverine movie.

Worst – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Despite some memorable action sequences and more emotional moment, most of the film felt forced and it was pretty much a premise to set up the countless DC films we are going to get in the upcoming years, whether we like it or not. They were clearly trying to do an Avengers film, without the success of the Marvel franchise. 

Best – Captain America: Civil War


This one just had it all. It was better than any mash-up superhero film before. Definitely better than Age of Ultron – loaded has still not recovered from that Banner-Natasha plotline that came out of nowhere.

It captured the better aspects of the Marvel films, the reasons why this is a superior franchise. Everyone gets to shine here, the showdowns are spectacular and it left us some epic moments to savour while we wait for the next Avengers adventure in 2018. 

Worst – Suicide Squad

It’s not just the fact that it received awful reviews which makes Suicide Squad awful, it’s also misogynistic depiction of Harley Quinn it offers up and her toxic relationship with the Joker. The less said about Leto’s performance the better while the majority of the movie feels clunky, poorly edited and, worse still, incoherent.


Best – Doctor Strange

What happens when you put one of the best actors of his generation in a superhero role? Well, chances are he will kill it, as with everything else. Benedict Cumberbatch switched Shakespeare, Oscar-worthy dramas and his British accent to become Dr Stephen Strange. Controversies aside (and there was a lot of controversy with this one), one of the best things about Doctor Strange was, curiously, how funny it was while the action was also on point. Throw in the presence of Mads Mikkelsen as a villain and you had a film that was definitely one to watch.

Worst – X-Men Apocalypse

Falling a little flat after the spectacular Days of Future Past, with a bit of  work, Apocalypse could have been up there with Civil War, but it ended up being a film that wasted the talents of Oscar Isaac, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence. The scene where Quicksilver gets (almost) everyone out of the castle was still awesome though.

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