20 worst video game movies ever made

Stinkers. Each and every one of them.

Holly Valance in video game movie DOA: Dead Or Alive
Apt title Holly Valance in DOA: Dead Or Alive. Image Picture Dimension Films

Warcraft is the latest big video game to get the Hollywood movie treatment – and judging by the reviews and box office returns it hasn’t exactly turned out to be a classic.

Still, measured next to this hall of shame it’s pretty much Citizen Kane.

We rank the 20 worst video game movies ever made below…

Final Fantasy The Spirits Within
Final Fantasy The Spirits Within Ming-Na as Aki Ross. Image Picture Columbia Pictures


Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)

A group of scientists make one last stand against alien invaders in a game that bore little resemblance to the classic Final Fantasy games. Cutting edge digital effects – and a voice cast including Alec Baldwin and Steve Buscemi – couldn’t alleviate the boredom.

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