20 Things You Didn’t Know About Pamela Anderson’s Barb Wire

It is 20 years since the Baywatch star’s comic book adaptation came out.

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These days comic book movie adaptations are 10 a penny with Marvel churning out superhero titles faster than hot wings at your local Kansas Fried Chicken.

But back in 1996, studios were still trying to get to grips with how best to translate the fun and thrills of your average pulpy comic story into something pleasingly cinematic.

Maybe that is why Barb Wire got made.

An adaptation of the Dark Horse Comics title of the same name, the film was supposed to be a launch pad for Pamela Anderson’s career in Hollywood but proved to be anything but.

However, 20 years on from its original release Loaded is looking back with a wistful sense of nostalgia on what was so nearly a cult movie classic – here is everything you need to know about one of the more remarkable flops of the 1990s.


The film takes place in the year 2017, when a second American civil war has engulfed the entire nation. So it is basically what the US will look like if Donald Trump becomes president.


Though the plot is rendered almost entirely pointless by events on screen, late critic Roger Ebert was among those to notice it was lifted almost entirely from Casablanca, making Barb Wire the most unlikely remake in the history of cinema.



Pamela Anderson appears in a lace corset for much of the film. Unbelievably, this outfit saw the Baywatch star’s waist laced down to just a mere 17 inches (43cm) which is insane.


Ron Howard’s considerably less successful brother, Clint, features in this movie.


The 885cc Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle Anderson rides was made in Hinckley Leicestershire. 


Anderson’s catchphrase in the movie “Don’t Call Me Babe” originates from the comic, where Barb would often say it as a way of differentiating herself from fellow Dark Horse Comics character Babe.


The production did experience some problems with original director Adam Rifkin sacked after producers expressed their dissatisfaction with the dailies. David Hogan replaced him. No, us neither.


There are a grand total of 29 continuity errors in the finished film, according to IMDB. Which is a lot.



The film grossed $3.8 million off a budget of $9 million.


Victoria Rowell, who is best known for her role in Dumb and Dumber and as a regular on student daytime TV favourite Diagnosis Murder, also features.


The infamous opening “Wet Strip” scene – Google it –  involving a topless Anderson being sprayed with water was actually the Baywatch star’s idea. She had had a nightmare in which she was being sprayed with champagne while dancing erotically and thought it would be good idea for the film.

Obviously, the director was only too happy to include the dance in the finished film. Perv.


Anderson’s Barb had a dog called Camille who was somehow trained to gently bite the groins of any potentially dangerous males entering Pammy’s bar. You wouldn’t see that on Crufts.


Though Anderson picked up the Golden Raspberry award for worst new star in 1996, Barb Wire actually lost out to Demi Moore’s Striptease in the best picture category. Robbed.


The original comic book ended its run after the film performed badly at the box office. Despite this, there were reports that it was set to make a comeback last year, minus Pammy of course.



Anderson’s co-star, Temuera Morrison, previously made his name starring in a series of independent movies in his native New Zealand. He would go on to play Jango Fett in Star Wars Episode II. 


The film features a clinically obese arms dealer/villain who goes by the name of Big Fatso and is paid in donuts for information. Don’t remember that bit in Casablanca…


The trailer to Barb Wire actually contains footage that failed to make the final cut of the film. Top work guys.


It is possibly the only comic book movie adaptation to feature a fat guy in a gimp suit. Blade comes close, but no cigar, Wesley Snipes.


It would be another six years before Anderson would return to the big screen, appearing as herself in the 2002 Scooby Doo movie. Even that was quite a stretch.


The film’s main villain has something of the Michael Fassbenders about him…

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