No coke joke


The 20 Countries With The Highest Levels Of Cocaine Use Have Been Revealed

By Jack Beresford

October 24, 2017

Cocaine use is as prominent as ever if figures released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime are to be believed.

They have just released a list of the 20 countries “boasting” the highest cocaine consumption levels in the world and it could make for grim reading depending on where you come from.

Anyone thinking that the good old days of coke use were back in the 1980s could be in for a surprise too, with the figures highlighting just how rampant this kind of drug use is in some of the world’s most developed countries.

The Top 20 reads as follows:

1. Albania – 2.5 (per cent of the population) 2. Scotland – 2.34 3. United States – 2.3 4. England and Wales – 2.25 5. Spain – 2.2 6. Australia – 2.1 7. Uruguay – 1.8 8. Chile – 1.73 9. Netherlands – 1.6 10. Ireland – 1.5 11. Canada – 1.46 12. Aruba – 1.3 13. Bermuda – 1.3 14. Ghana – 1.1 15. Italy – 1.1 16. France – 1.1 17. Israel – 1.07 18. Iceland – 1.06 19. Costa Rica – 1.06 20. Luxembourg – 1.04

Perhaps the biggest shock, other than the sight of Albania top of the list, is that Colombia does not feature.

Despite being one of the largest producers of cocaine in the world, the South American nation sits way down at number 34 on the list. Perhaps that’s the result of witnessing, first hand, the damaging effects of both the drug and the business around it.

Scotland’s high position is another major surprise, with a larger proportion of the Scottish population seemingly dabbling in the white stuff than in the US. Obviously, that’s still more Americans using the drug, but the numbers still make for concerning reading.

England and Wales also feature high on the list, though the majority of that 2.25 per cent can probably be found in and around London. Just a hunch.