15 Of The Weirdest Donald Trump Tweets

His tweets are huge, the biggest tweets in history.

Donald TrumpImage Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Opinion on Donald Trump is pretty divisive, we can all agree on that. But there is something that is always entertaining: his Twitter feed.

Seriously. Whether his tweets make you angry, or you love them, or you just find them hilarious because they make little sense, Trump’s Twitter is like watching a reality show with an audience of millions – which is what the guy loves, right? In fact, we all know that if he could have a Keeping Up With The White House, he’d go for it.

But here at loaded we wanted to take a look back at his tweets, especially those from way before he became the President of the United States (sigh), and the further we went back in time, the weirder they became.


It’s been said that Trump has the grammar of a ten-year-old, but he’s still smarter than all of us


Of course, if a magazine that featured Trump doesn’t exist anymore, who is going to take endless photos of him?


Nothing says “classy” better than quoting yourself on your own Twitter…


He should tell that to the seals in the North Pole



We all remember when he was obsessed with proving Obama was (oh my!) African



Trump’s lifelong dream is not being the President – no, he wants to be a TV critic



Robert Pattinson thanks you for your advice, Donald


Sure, insult someone and then say you don’t want to insult them because you are polite…


Well, maybe the US is not the best place for that, or perhaps you don’t actually know that many people



Donald just loves insulting women on Twitter, doesn’t he? Specially if he doesn’t find them attractive by his standards



Trump’s hobby is criticising Obama‘s hobbies



Sorry, but the Robsten crisis really hit Trump hard



Ah, there was a time when Trump actually supported marches



That time when Trump thought Ali G was an actual person…



That day, Trump really wanted to share a nice joke on Twitter so that we’d all laugh

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