15 Hilarious Jim Lahey Quotes To Remember John Dunsworth By

The Trailer Park Boy star is gone but will never, ever be forgotten.

Randy and Mr Lahey.
Randy and Mr Lahey

The passing of Trailer Park Boys star John Dunsworth came as a huge shock to most fans of the show.

Despite playing the sexually depraved alcoholic trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey on the hit Canadian mockumentary series, Dunsworth wasn’t known as a big drinker.

It’s testament to his performance as Lahey that he could come off as such a convincing and often hilarious drunk too, full of as much booze as he was brilliant one-liners.

Often seen falling all over the place and occasionally relieving himself in public, Dunsworth was happy to play the fool and comedic foil on Trailer Park Boys and fans loved him all the more for it.

Across 12 series, a couple of movies and countless live shows, Dunsworth also delivered some of the best and most memorable quotes of the entire series – here are just a few of Jim Lahey’s finest.


“The only difference between me and you is a couple of drinks.”

John Dunsworth as Jim Lahey on Trailer Park Boys.


“I’m mowing the air Rand, I’m mowing the air.”


“Listen, I was unaware that I had an appointment with you, fine people, today. As it turns out I have another engagement: I plan to get DRUNK!”


“You might be able to fool the FBI, but you can’t fool the FBme.”

John Dunsworth as Jim Lahey on Trailer Park Boys.


“The old shitliner’s coming into port and I’ll be there to tie her up.”


“I’m sober enough to know what I’m doing and drunk enough to really enjoy it.”


“Never cry shitwolf.”

John Dunsworth as Jim Lahey on Trailer Park Boys.


“Randy, I’ve decided to lay off the food for a bit, and go on the booze.”


“When you plant shit-seeds, you get shit-weeds.”


“Feelin’ a little sluggish, think I need a snap of the white liquor.”

John Dunsworth as Jim Lahey on Trailer Park Boys.


“I’m watching you like a shit hawk, Julian. Like a shit hawk.”


“You idiots have loaded up a hair-trigger double barrel shit machine gun and the barrel’s pointed straight at your own heads.”


“Clean and sober, just mean that I’m showered and heading to the liquor store.”

John Dunsworth as Jim Lahey on Trailer Park Boys.


“The liquor will do the driving, then we’ll just kick back on booze control.”


“When you keep getting pelted by shit balls, Deputy, you gotta get a shit bat.”

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