15 Pot Noodle Flavours And Spin-Offs You Probably Forgot Even Existed

For every Chicken and Mushroom there are a thousand Spaghetti Bolognese Pot Noodles.

Southern Fried Pot Noodle It actually happened. Image Golden Wonder.

The Pot Noodle holds a special place in the hearts of Brits up and down the land, offering a water-based noodle snack solutions for one and all.

But for every inspired Chicken and Mushroom, Spicy Curry or Beef & Tomato flavouring, there are plenty of somewhat less memorable variants that came, saw and were sent on their way pretty sharpish.

From limited edition flavours to trial versions and a few misguided Pot Noodle spin-offs, here are 15 variations on the familiar classic you probably forgot ever existed.




Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Dinner pot noodle.

At Christmas time Pot Noodle decided to let in the light and banish shade…

The depressing thing is someone probably ate one of these on Christmas Day. 



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