Nicopedia: 15 Crazy Things You Never Knew About Nicolas Cage

The stories behind the man, myth and genius behind "Cage Rage".

Nicolas Cage is a force of nature.

A one-man moviemaking machine capable of delivering his own unique brand of “crazy” time and time again across a four-decade film career.

His latest effort, Mom and Dad, is no different with Cage at his bonkers best in a movie that sees children forced to fight back after a mass hysteria causes parents to turn against their offspring with murderous results. It’s brilliantly bonkers, with Cage on top form.

But if you thought that was about as crazy as it gets for Cage, then read on and brace yourself, because that’s nothing compared to the actor’s real life.

15. He Likes To Eat Cockroaches 

In an attempt to get into the mindset of his character Peter Loew, Cage went the whole hog and ate three live cockroaches. On camera. Even though no one told him to. When he celebrated his birthday on set, his agent presented him with a cockroach-themed birthday cake. Yum.

14. He Was Named Best Global Actor…In China

Nicolas Cage getting out of a car.

Cage received the top honour at the Huading Awards back in 2013. No one is sure whether it was voted for by fans or if the expert judges involved are just massive Cage fans. Either way, it’s well deserved.

13. He Developed His Own Acting Method

Nicolas Cage

Never mind Stanislavski, Cage plays by his own rules when it comes to acting. He calls his method “Nouveau Shamanic” and it involves a lot of shouting. He’s even planning on writing a book about it. Looking forward to reading it, Nic.

12. He Once Had A Mime Stalker

Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood in The Trust

Obsessive fans are nothing new, but Cage attracts a pretty unique brand of crazy. While filming Martin Scorsese’s Bringing Out The Dead, Cage found himself harassed by a fan who kept showing up on set, pantomiming a series of strange actions. Classic Cage.

11. He Spent A Crazy Amount Of Money On A Dinosaur Skull

Nicolas Cage is back but something is different.
Nicolas Cage is back Image Army of One

Cage splashed out a whopping $276,000 on a rare bataar dinosaur skull – but it gets worse. He was then forced to hand it over to the US government because it was illegally brought over from Mongolia. Now that’s crazy.

10. He Only Eats Animals That Have “Dignified Sex”

Nicolas Cage in The Humanity Bureau.

Weird diets are nothing new, but Cage’s is pretty unique even by Hollywood standards. “I actually choose the way I eat according to the way animals have sex. I think fish are very dignified with sex. So are birds,” Cage once explained. “But pigs, not so much. So I don’t eat pig meat or things like that. I eat fish and fowl.” Seems sensible.

9. He Used To Have A Pet Octopus

Cage loves all animals. They help him with his work. In fact, at one point the actor spent an undisclosed but no doubt exorbitant amount on a pet octopus to “help him with his acting.” Money well spent.

8. He’s Done Mushrooms With His Cat

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES: US actor Nicolas Cage arrives at the 69th Academy Awards ceremony with his wife Patricia Arquette at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, 24 March. AFP PHOTO Hector MATA (Photo credit should read HECTOR MATA/AFP/Getty Images)

Being Nicolas Cage’s pet sounds awesome! According to a story shared by the actor during an appearance on Letterman, Nic once did a bag of shrooms with his pet cat. They tripped hard together. No animals were harmed in the making of this story.

7. He Likes To Hold Venomous Snakes To Calm His Nerves

Cage Match Nicolas Cage dating website

During filming on Joe, Cage was nervous about doing one five-page scene in the movie. Until, that is, he learned he’d be sharing the scene with a cottonmouth snake. He asked if he could hold the snake during the scene, figuring that the adrenaline would help calm his anxiety. Somehow it was crazy enough to work.

6. He’s A Lethal Killing Machine

Cage is reportedly a black belt in jiu-jitsu and studied under the legendary MMA fighter Royce Gracie. He could kill us all in a heartbeat, but he’d rather focus on making awesome movies.

5. He’ll Happily Experience Real Pain For A Role

Raising Arizona Nicolas Cage

While filming his 1984 Vietnam flick Birdy, Cage felt he needed to gain a clearer understanding of what “real pain” was. The solution? He went to the dentist and asked to have two baby teeth pulled out. Without anesthetic. There’s nothing this man won’t do in the name of art.

4. He’s Not A Civil War-Era Vampire

When a picture of a man resembling Cage and dating back to the Civil War surfaced online, fans were quick to conclude that he must be a vampire. But Cage is no vampire and was quick to dispel any suggestion, telling the press: “I don’t drink blood and the last time I looked in the mirror I had a reflection.”

3. He Has Crazy Dreams

Nicolas Cage Raising Arizona

Cage has previously revealed that, when he was four, he had a recurring dream in which he was on the toilet and a giant blonde genie woman in a gold bikini would reach into the bathroom window like King Kong and pluck him off of the toilet seat and laugh at me. Deep

2. He Definitely Never Stole Anyone’s Dog

Kathleen Turner alleged in her 2008 memoir that Cage was once arrested for drunk-driving and had stolen a chihuahua. He sued her for libel and won with the actress subsequently apologising. That’ll teach her.

1. He’ll be buried in a pyramid

Cage built his very own tomb, which he’ll be buried in, in New Orleans’ St. Louis Cemetery No.1. The structure angered locals, who felt it defiled the famous burial ground. It’s not going anywhere though – much like the man himself.

Mom And Dad is in cinemas now.

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