15 ‘F*ck Yeah!’ Moments From The Kingsman: The Golden Circle Teaser

Eggsy is back with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it teaser trailer loaded already loves.

Eggsy in The Kingsman
The Kingsman Eggsy is back

Matthew Vaughn has offered up a first glimpse of what to expect from Kingsman: The Golden Circle and it’s a glimpse in every sense of the word.

Cramming an entire trailer’s worth of action into around five seconds of screen time, the teaser trailer is a real blink-and-you’ll-miss-it-affair.

In fact, there’s more action in those five seconds than you would find in most movies and certainly more than enough to get fans, like us here at loaded, excited.

Fortunately, we’d managed to pick apart the various images on display to find nine of the most striking moments that’ll have lovers of the original movie shouting “fuck yeah!” at the screen, or something to that effect, anyway.

Here goes…


The Golden Circle

The film sees Taron Egerton’s Eggsy and the Kingsman taking on a mysterious new world order group called “The Golden Circle” who apparently have gold rings burned into their skin. The mystery is: who’s skin is this?



Julianne Moore is the villain this time around playing a notorious criminal mastermind out to destroy the Kingsman from the comfort of her 1950s diner-inspired jungle fortress. She looks suitably deranged too. 


A Mysterious Foe

It would appear Poppy is not alone though, with Eggsy spotted shooting at a mysterious silhouetted figure. Does have Poppy have someone working on the inside? Or is it something else? Vinnie Jones is set to play Poppy’s personal bodyguard – could it be him?



Forced from their London home, the Kingsmen shack up with their US equivalent, The Statesman, led by Jeff Bridges’ Champagne. He looks like your standard Bridges’ cowboy character, though we imagine there must be something special about him – you don’t get all those trophies for nothing.



There’s also fellow agent Tequila, played by Channing Tatum, spotted in this mysterious looking chamber. Maybe he’s been injured in a previous mission, maybe he’s now part robot or maybe he’s just pampered beyond belief. We’ll have to wait and find out.


Henchmen and Hideouts

Moore not only has her own 1950s style lair but a henchman who is part man, part robot. From the looks of things, though, he’s only just getting to grips with his new robot abilities. Was he the guy Eggsy was shooting at earlier?


Black Cab Chase

It looks like Kingsman is sticking with the elements that made the first film so awesome, including spectacular London-based action set pieces. Anyone up for a high-speed black cab chase?


Jack Daniels

Fresh from Game of Thrones and Narcos, Pedro Pascal is on hand as Jack Daniels, another Statesmen agent who looks to be pretty handy with a whip and in the midst of what is likely another eye-catching fighting scene. Think the church scene in the first film, but maybe even better.


Harry Hart

Everyone was shocked when it was revealed that Colin Firth’s Harry Hart would be returning for this film, despite dying in the first movie. Is this him coming into contact with Tequila in the Statesmen headquarters? It could be.


Poppy Land

Poppy’s secret base is worthy of something out of James Bond, with her retro hideout situated deep within what looks like some awesome Aztec ruins. There are a lot of guards too.


Robot Guard Dogs


That’s not the only thing she has on hand either, with this two scary looking robot dogs on standby and ready to cause carnage at a moments notice. Something tells us this is going to get messy.


Snow-based shootouts

As with the first film, the action isn’t restricted to sunny climes, with the gunfire and fighting set to head to snowier locations. Is that Channing Tatum’s Tequila? Either way, that’s some damn fine gun-slinging.


Michael Gambon

Michael Caine may be gone but Michael Gambon looks a worthy replacement as the new Kingsman boss. Will he last beyond the early attack on their London headquarters though?


Halle Berry

If Halle Berry’s costume is anything to go by and based on her surroundings in this particular scene, it would appear she’s stepping up to become the Kingman’s version of Q from James Bond. Expect less sexy swimwear and more killer gadgets.


Poppy Delevingne

Poppy Delevingne in Kingsman

Not that fans need to look to far for eye candy, with model turned actress Poppy Delevingne filling that particular role.

No idea what she’s doing but her character’s name is listed as Clara Von Gluckfberg online, suggesting she could fill a role similar to the one Hanna Alstrom’s Princess Tilde of Sweden did in the first movie. 


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