14m People Tuned In To Watch 4 Random Blokes Fight A WBA Champion

If they were trying to prove a point, they failed miserably...

Japanese boxing match watched by 14 million people
The big fight Japanese boxing match watched by 14 million people Image YouTube/AbemaTV公式 YouTube

A gangster, a YouTuber, a teacher, and a club host walk into a ring…

It sounds like the start of some terrible joke, but it was actually the setting for one of the strangest boxing matches of recent times.

In one of the oddest sports stories of 2017, an incredible 14 million people tuned in to watch four random guys take on a WBA Champion in Japan recently.

The bizarre boxing match came about after WBA bantamweight champion Koki Kameda reacted angrily to accusations that he didn’t deserve his title.

Kameda is known for being one of the cockiest and brashest fighters around in his home country, and he’s notorious for trash-talking opponents.

So, when people accused him of having an ‘easy ride’ to the title, he wasn’t going to take it lying down.

To settle the matter, Kameda offered ¥10million (about £112,000) to anyone who wanted to put their money where their mouth was and challenge him to a fight.

“Those who think it was easy for me to become world champion, here is your chance to take ¥10million from me,” his press release said.

So, a gangster, a YouTuber, a teacher, and a club host all challenged him to a fight, which was televised to an incredible 14 million people across the country.

You can see the challengers in the front of the photo below: from left to right there’s teacher Ryota Matsumoto, a club host known as ‘Kamikaze’, YouTuber ‘JoeVlogs’, and ‘gangster’ Yuuta.

So, the plucky contestants took Kameda on one by one and… regretted it immediately.

The WBA champion knocked out the teacher in just 2 minutes and 30 seconds (watch the knockout in the clip above).

The others fared slightly better, but they all lost by technical knockout and went home without winning the cash prize.

So, what can we learn from all this? Well, it turns out WBA champions are quite good at fighting, so you probably shouldn’t challenge them to a boxing match on live TV…

Live and learn guys, live and learn.

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