13 Times Russell Crowe Proved He Was A Bloody Great Bloke On Twitter

Proof that the Gladiator actor would be great company down the pub

A picture of Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe A Gladiator of Twitter Image Getty

Russell Crowe is a Hollywood A-lister who has always divided the fans. Some people love him, other people hate him.

Thankfully, here at loaded we are definitely in the love camp. That’s not to say the Gladiator star is always right, it’s more that we just think he’s a bloody great bloke and the sort of guy we’ve loved to have a few beers with.

A quick look at his Twitter account only serves to demonstrate this, with Crowe offering up plenty of Tweet-based evidence to show he’s a good guy. Here’s just a few examples.



There was the time he went to bat for his mate…



His love of photography and juvenile humour



That winning response to Howard Stern mocking his physique…



The time he got totally shitfaced with Ricky Gervais



When he proved aliens exist. Sort of.



His heartfelt message to Steve Irwin’s widow, Terri



The time he was really, really itchy



The first time he discovered he was a Scientologist



This winning response to a Scottish fan who quoted Gladiator at him



The nine tweets he took to explain to Leeds United fans why he couldn’t buy the club



When he warned fans about imposters



The praise he heaped on one of his co-stars from The Water Diviner



When he got deep and meaningful. Over a man’s hat. In 12 tweets.

Never change, Russell. Never change.

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