13 terrible movie sequels you never knew existed

Watch these turkeys at your peril.

Wild Things 2 sequelImage Picture TriStar

You can’t swing a cat in a cinema right now without hitting a reboot, sequel, prequel of some “extended universe” movie franchise off-shoot.

They’re all the rage right now, but are they really all a good idea? For every big budget Marvel blockbuster there’s a number two that, well, is literally a number two.

There are many sequels worth your time, many that aren’t, and lots that you just never knew even happened. Here’s 13 of the latter – cinematic travesties each and every one of them…


American Psycho II: All American Girl

American Psycho 2: All American Girl sequel


Mila Kunis. William Shatner. A sequel to Christian Bale classic American Psycho. It happened and it was an absolute travesty. Fortunately, Kunis managed to turn her movie career around. Shatner is still waiting for that call for the Star Trek reboot.


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