13 terrible movie remakes you never knew existed

Stinkers, each and every one of them...

Carrie movie remake 2002
Horror show The Carrie remake nobody saw. Image Picture NBC

Movie remakes. You can’t get away from them.

Stride into any multiplex in 2016 and you’ll no doubt be confronted by a slew or rehashed versions of old classics. The film industry recycling old ideas is not a new phenomenon – it’s been happening for decades, and it wasn’t always a bad thing. Al Pacino classic Scarface is actually a redo of a 30s gangster flick of the same name, while John Carpenter’s The Thing cleverly rejigged 50s sci-fi The Thing from Another World.

However, with so many remakes going in front of cameras not all of them are going to turn out golden. Sometimes remakes fall through the cracks completely. Here are 13 of those unlucky few that probably should never have happened.


The Shining


Stephen King notoriously hated Stanley Kubrick’s version of his horror novel The Shining, calling it “a film by a man who thinks too much and feels too little”. King tried to correct the mistake by making his own three-part TV version starring  Rebecca De Mornay and Steven Weber. Everybody hated it as much as he did Kubrick’s.

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