These 13 Real-Life Alien Abduction Stories Will Make You Believe

Fact or fiction? Decide for yourself...

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The existence of extraterrestrial life may be the source of some debate but try telling that to the people who claim to have been abducted by aliens.

Whether part of some fever dream, grand delusion, or perhaps, reality, these experiences sound every bit as fascinating as they are harrowing.

So when someone on Reddit started up a thread asking users to share their own alien abduction experiences, loaded knew they would be some pretty “out there” stories – we just didn’t realise HOW “out there: they would be.

Here are 13 that could have you believing intelligent life beyond the star.



The Camping Trip

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“Not my story, but my Father in law swears he was abducted on a camping trip in the Northern Appalachians with about 4 other people.

“They hiked up near a lake and set up a camp site, and set up camp. He says they all remember swimming, then eating dinner but no one remembers cleaning up camp or going into their tents. They woke up about 10 yards away from their original site, in the exact formation that they had set up the camp, but all of the little stuff was in the same spot and there was no fire in the middle of the original area but not in the new one. They pulled out a measuring tape my FIL had in his backpack from work and measured the distance between the stakes of the tent poles and it was the EXACT distance between all of the tent poles from where they originally were and the new area.

“And before anyone says anything, my FIL is a super light sleeper(according to my MIL) and doesn’t drink or do drugs, has no history or symptoms of mental illness and was the first one awake. He still refuses to go hiking on that trail to this day, it’s an easy hike so he isn’t trying to be lazy and get out of it.”



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