These 11 Shocking Images Of Real Ghosts Will Make You Believe

Good luck sleeping tonight...

A ghost sighting to chill you to the core.
Fact or fiction? Decide for yourself Image Facebook

Despite thousands of people around the world believing in ghosts, no-one has ever found undeniable proof of their existence.

There is no way of knowing for certain one way or the other, and you either believe or you don’t, right?

However, while we don’t have proof, what we do have is some incredibly freaky photographs of alleged paranormal activity which might just make you believe…


Amityville ghost

The case of Amityville in 1976 remains one of the notorious cases of alleged paranormal activity ever reported. Ronald DeFeao Jr claimed to have been guided by ghosts when he shot and killed his father, two brothers and sister, and this image is said to show the ghosts of one of his murdered brothers peeking out from a room in the house.



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