11 Of The Most Epic Gordon Ramsay Insults

Hey panini heads, are you listening?

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay The chef dishes out his best advice Image Iconic Scoops

Gordon Ramsay is well-known for his zingers; the rowdy celebrity chef has become the prime dark lord of the cookhouse with his epic appearances on Hell’s Kitchen.

We say, the man can be as harsh as he wants, he’s an ace hash slinger. Plus, he’s a genius at one-liners.

Lately, he’s made a resurgence on Twitter; a few brave souls have been tagging the superstar chef in pictures of their culinary creations, asking for his input. The replies have been truly perfect and reflective of Ramsay’s excellent sense of humour.


In honour of the devil of the dish, loaded has compiled eleven of his hardest and greatest hits. Enjoy, you fucking donkeys. 




I believe they’re called fucking ‘flight attendants Gordon’.





When he dropped an epic Frozen diss. Ooh, freezer burn.




Or the time he magically combined cupcakes and armpits.





How about the Twitter battle he started between himself and vegans.








When he explained the simple technology behind non-stick pans.



The time he played he new version of duck, duck, goose. 



He has a point with this one.



How about the time he had enough of your shit, America. 



When he got anthropological. 



There’s also the time he took whispering to another level.




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