11 Of The Best Documentaries About Drugs

From Cocaine Cowboys to Cartel Land...

Drugs documentaries - marijuana smokerImage Creative Commons

The illegal drugs trade is thought to be worth a staggering $360 billion worldwide, and drugs trafficking in the UK alone is estimated at £10.7 billion.

Millions of people are directly, or indirectly affected by it, and even if we’re not, we’re watching movies or TV shows about it.

Breaking Bad, Narcos… some of the biggest movies and TV series of recent times have drawn inspiration from the industry, and there have been many documentaries made about the industry too – too many to ever get through your own.

So, loaded thought we’d present a list of the 11 best docs ever made about drugs below to get you started:


How To Make Money Selling Drugs

This 2012 documentary – featuring a cameo from 50 Cent – sets up a mock guide to starting out as a drug dealer, while taking a critical look at the war on drugs.



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