11 Damning US Gun Violence Statistics That Will Genuinely Shock You

The figures collected by the Gun Violence Archive are absolutely gobsmacking.

A gun in America.

Shocking statistics collected by the Gun Violence Archive have shed light on the alarming number of incidents involving firearms that have already occurred in the US in 2018.

The GVA is a not-for-profit corporation asset up in 2013 to provide free public access to accurate information on all gun-related violence occurring in the United States.

Information is collected and validated from over 2,500 respected online sources and checked for accuracy before posted online. It paints an alarming picture of just how serious an issue gun control is in the US today.

The following statistics highlight the number of incidents that have occurred since the start of 2018 and, given that it’s only February 15, 2018 and we’re not even a quarter of the way through the year it’s already astonishingly high. 


Total Number of Incidents: 6,572


Number of Deaths: 1,826


Number of Injuries: 3,142


Number of children (0-11) killed or injured: 69


Number of teens (12-17) killed or injured: 333


Number of mass shooting incidents: 30


Police officer involved incidents where an officer was shot or killed: 38


Police officer involved incidents where a suspect was shot or killed: 291


Home invasion shooting incidents: 264


Defensive use shooting incidents: 181


Unintentional shooting incidents: 215


There were a total of 61,497 incidents in the US in 2017, including 15,590 deaths and a further 31,181 injuries.

732 children (0-11)were either killed or injured in America last years, along with 3,234 teens (12-17). There were also a total of 346 separate mass shootings across the US during that 12 month period.

To be clear; a mass shooting is defined by the US federal government as an incident in which at least four victims are either killed or injured.

All of the statistics listed above also do not include the estimated 22,000 suicides reported across the US on an annual basis and attributed to firearm use.

For more information on these statistics and more, visiting www.gunviolencearchive.org or head over to Facebook with www.facebook.com/gunviolencearchive.

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