These 11 Dog Phobias Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud

What is your pet scared sh*tless of?

dog phobia
Dogs are silly and hilarious even when they're scared sh*tless Image YouTube

No one knows why dogs are afraid of things most people would find ordinary or even kind of cute. The inner workings of a pooch’s mind remain a mystery, but despite that the phobias they develop are pretty hilarious.

There are specific reasons why dogs are afraid of random things, and it usually involves fear of the unknown, which is something we humans share with our furry friends, except we have the brainpower to process why we are so afraid. Dogs are instinctive, so when they face something they don’t understand, they react impulsively. Which usually takes the form of barking or running away. 

From courgettes to kittens, loaded has found a wide range of dog phobias for your enjoyment. Please don’t try any of these on your pet, that’s just cruel.





 This Weimaraner is pretty petrified of his mum’s earrings.  



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