10 Urban Dictionary Terms To Help You Navigate Any And All Weddings

Get the lowdown on the latest lingo from Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates...

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates On Blu-ray and DVD now

The English language is always evolving with any number of words or terminology entering the public lexicon faster than you can say splendiferous.

It can therefore pay to keep on top of such things via websites like Urban Dictionary – the go-to domain for anyone keen to stay “down with the kids” or something like that anyway.

And it’s also mighty useful ahead of the release of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates on Blu-ray and DVD, given the breathtaking amount of “bro speak” that goes on between the movie’s dynamic duo, played by Zac Efron and Adam DeVine.

As much a bromance story as it is a romance one, the film tells the true-life tale of the titular brothers attempts at landing wedding dates via the tried and tested medium of Craigslist – a bigger, US version of Gumtree if you will.

Does it work out for the best? Does it f*ck. Anyway, to help you prepare for the movie and learn a few bits of killer slang lingo, here are 10 great urban dictionary terms to help get you through pretty much anyone’s nuptials.


Go stag (verb)

To attend something alone, without a date. Mike wanted to go stag to his sister’s wedding, but his family forced him to find a respectable date.


Killing it (verb)

To do something very well. Dave, mate, you were killing it on that ATV!


Hammered (adjective)

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and becoming severely inebriated. Alice drank so many cocktails last night, she was absolutely hammered!


Go hard (verb)

To do something to its fullest potential, giving 100% effort. Tatiana went hard on that ATV, man! That girl is insane!


Erin Brockovich (verb)

A way of referencing an event, usually in a film, in which the event is simply called by the name of the person who was involved or the film in which it appeared. In this case, Erin Brokovich is a reference to the 2000 film. We should Erin Brokovich this.


Punch up (noun)

To get into a fist fight or brawl. Mike and Dave got into a major punch up over some wedding drama.


Baller (noun)

Someone who has increased their status in life, usually used to describe a person whose financial success has allowed them to live an excessively affluent lifestyle. Alice you are an absolute baller!


Rolling (verb)

The high you get off ecstasy. Alice, did you get Jeanie rolling the night before the wedding?!


Ri Ri (noun) 

A nickname for Rhianna. Let’s play RiRi! She’s my jam!


Jam (noun)

One’s absolute favourite song, can also be used as a verb meaning to dance. We were jamming out to some great 90s classics.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates arrives on Digital HD on December 3 and 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & DVD on December 12, from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

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