These Are The 10 Strongest Beers On The Planet Today

Just a couple of glasses of these could get you seriously wasted

beerImage thewordofmatus

Beer is increasingly crafted with the kind of care and attention usually reserved for wine and spirits – as well as the same increased alcohol volume.

Make no mistake, there are some seriously strong beers on the market these days which need to be approached with a little more caution than most.

Fortunately, loaded is on hand to bring you the 10 strongest beers on the planet today so you can avoid any bar-based faux pas or a seriously heavy night on the sauce. Let’s begin.


Black Damnation VI – Messy

The Black Damnation IV
Black Damnation IV Damn strong Image Struise

(39% ABV)

By De Struise Brouwers

A pitch black Imperial Stout combining hints of coffee and dark chocolate with the more traditional roasted malts, this is a deceptively strong brew that tastes delicious but needs to be savoured rather than sunk.



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