10 most valuable retro video games revealed

Which N64 could make you a shedload of cash?

GoldenEye Nintendo 64 video gamesImage Picture Nintendo

Forget about your Grand Theft Autos and FIFAs, everyone knows that old video games are the best – and they’re the ones that could earn you some serious cash.

In fact, if a new list from Love Antiques is to be believed, you could be sitting on an absolute fortune. It might be time to raid the attic and dig out those old N64 or NES cartridges, because some of them are worth a pretty penny.

Sadly we’re not talking about Mario Kart or your worn-down copy of GoldenEye – the games need to be rare and well-preserved.

Love Antiques’ expert said: “Condition is key – especially with the cardboard Nintendo NES and 64 boxes, don’t be fooled into believing you’ve found a gem if the box is damaged, ripped or worn. The value will be dramatically reduced if this is the case.”

Also, region format can be crucial, too. Look no further than the number one entry on this list. Snowboard Kids 2 was widely-released in NTSC, but it’s the rarer PAL version – only released in Australia – that’s worth top dollar.

Here are the 10 most valuable retro video games that could bring in some cold, hard, cash…

Snowboard Kids 2 Nintendo 64
Snowboard Kids 2 Worth a fortune – but only if you have a PAL version. Image Picture Nintendo
  1. Snowboard Kids 2 (Nintendo 64) – £2000
  2. Darxide (Sega 32X) – £1200
  3. Primal Rage (Sega 32X) – £1000
  4. X Zone (Super Nintendo) – £850
  5. T Mek (Super Nintendo) – £800
  6. Viewpoint (Neo Geo AES) – £750
  7. Stadium Games (Nintendo) – £600
  8. Cool World (Super Nintendo) – £550
  9. Fatal Fury Special Edition (Sega Mega CD) – £550
  10. The Adventures Of Batman And Robin (Sega Mega CD) – £550

Dominated by Nintendo titles, the list is proof that all those hours (and pennies) spent on cartridge-based action were worthwhile.

In fact the Love Antiques vintage gaming brainiac thinks Nintendo games will only get more valuable.

“NES games are becoming really collectable in good condition and packaging. There are hundreds of games rising in value by the month because demand from collectors is high,” the said.

“Even quite common titles such as Mario Brothers 3 (£30), Zelda II (£50-£60), Castlevania (£60) and Metroid (£60) are rising rapidly.”

N64 games, meanwhile, “have recently risen in price”.

“Every month the value of the top 30/40 rises rapidly, especially complete boxed versions,” they explained.

“There is also a growing collectors market for sealed Ninetendo 64 and graded games, the value of these is very high, for example a boxed standard Hercules game will be worth £100, however a factory sealed version will be worth £500+”

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