10 Game Of Thrones deaths that gave us all nightmares

Relive those sleepless nights before Monday's return. (Spoilers, obviously)

Over the course of six series and almost 60 hours of on-screen action, Game Of Thrones viewers have witnessed everything from incest to murder with a few rather red weddings in between.

More importantly, they’ve been left scared/shocked shitless at almost every turn, with the show occupying a special place in television land in which almost anything can happen.

Bit of brother and sister incest? Of course. Fancy some public flogging? Here you go. What about a giant rat chewing a man to death? If you must…

With that in mind, let’s look back at 10 deaths that probably gave you nightmares.


Renly Baratheon


Dying in the world of Game Of Thrones is bad enough. But dying at the hands of what can only be described as your brother’s fart ghost takes the biscuit.


Joffrey Baratheon


The King Cunt of Westeros was always likely to meet an untimely end, but few could have suspected it would come via the most blood-curdling on-screen poisoning known to man.


Jojen Reed


If someone had told you that the cute kid from Love Actually would one day end up being repeatedly stabbed by a literal walking skeleton, you would have probably laughed in their face. But it happened.


Tywin Lannister


Charles Dance is a natural treasure and an actor of some calibre who brought renewed gravitas to proceedings on Game Of Thrones. So they decided to bump him off while he was on the shitter. 


Sireen Baratheon


With Stannis Baratheon’s grab for the crown in danger of being derailed, he did the only thing that made sense: burned his own daughter at the stake as part of a ritual sacrifice.


Viserys Targaryen


Another man very keen on the Iron Throne, Viserys’ brattish desperation for power resulted in the first season’s most harrowing death and that includes…


Eddard Stark


Given his record for getting bumped off in all of his big screen outings, Sean Bean was always on borrowed time in Westeros. Still, we didn’t expect it to be quite so harrowing.


Robb Stark


The first death that had most fans shouting at their television screens, Robb was supposed to be the Starks’ saviour and the hero we all rooted for. Then he went to the shittest wedding ever. 


Jon Snow


Regardless of Snow’s eventual resurrection, his untimely demise/cliffhanger at the end of season five ranks as one of the most alarming moments.


Oberyn Martell


In a scene leaving most viewers aghast in absolute horror, another major hero – are we noticing a theme yet? – met possibly the most gruesome end in all of television history.

Viewers of a nervous disposition should not even contemplate clicking the clip above.

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