The 10 Countries That Consume The Most Weed Have Been Revealed

By Jack Beresford

October 27, 2017

Dope, herb, blaze, block, Mary Jane, nuggets, ganga. Marijuana goes by any number of names but one thing remains true regardless of what you call it: there are a lot of people smoking weed illegally in the world.

And that’s a crying shame because, whether the authorities care to admit it or not, marijuana does a lot less harm to the world (and your body for that matter) than alcohol.

Things are changing though: drugs are already decriminalised in Portugal, while countries like the Netherlands and Jamaica have a famously relaxed approach to policing the drug.

And anyone who thinks that might result in a significant upturn in the number of people smoking the green stuff could be in for a surprise.

According to figures released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), cannabis use is actually on the decline in all three countries.

The UNODC’s list of the top 10 biggest weed living countries reads as follows:

  1. Iceland 18.3 %
  2. United States 16.3%
  3. Nigeria 14.3%
  4. Canada 12.7%
  5. Chile 11.83%
  6. France 11.1%
  7. New Zealand 11%
  8. Bermuda 10.9%
  9. Australia 10.2%
  10. Zambia 9.5%

Portugal doesn’t even make the top 30, while Jamaica and Holland sit 20th and 22nd respectively.

Still think legalising marijuana is a bad idea? We’ll wait.

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