10 Pieces Of Evidence That Will Convince You Time Travel Exists

Well, According to YouTuber Lutch Green, at least.

Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox in Back to the Future
88 mph Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox in Back to the Future. Image Picture Universal

The concept of Time Travel has been discussed at great length in movies like Looper and Back To The Future – but what about any real-life cases of people traversing the space time continuum? 

Well, according to YouTuber and conspiracy theorist Lutch Green, there is plenty of evidence of exactly that for anyone willing to actually seek it out.

In fact, so adamant is she that time travel exists, she wentto the length of creating a 10-minute YouTube documentary chronicling 10 prime examples of time travel in action.

Even as sceptics ourselves, some of the stories that feature make a compelling case.

Like the story of the Swiss Watch found in a Chinese tomb dating back to the Ming Dynasty. Not only were watches not available back then, but Switzerland wasn’t even a place – so quite how a timepiece with Swiss markings, stuck at 10:06, made its way down there is anyone’s guess.

Then there’s the strange story of the Mummy found wearing Adidas shoes – we shit you not – and the tale of the Philadelphia Experiment. This particular story is one about a mysterious vessel which, along with its crew, disappeared and reappeared at sea. 

Did it travel through time and space? Well according to Lutch Green it not only did that but suffered several casualties as a result. Some materialised in the metal hull of the ship, others were left disorientated while a fateful few never reappeared.

Check out the video for a full run-down of the various bits of evidence backing up the existence of time travel – are you convinced?

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