10 biggest Twitter gaffes for Twitter’s 10th birthday

Grab your popcorn – here are the biggest tweet gaffes from the site’s history.

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10 years ago Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey launched the site with the enlightening missive “just setting up my twtter”.

A decade on and Twitter is still going strong, thankfully with livelier messages than @jack’s opening gambit.

Twitter is at its most entertaining when it comes to blunders. When a celebrity makes a hash of something you hear about it – fast. To mark 10 years of Twitter, here are 10 of the funniest accidental (and usually swiftly deleted) tweets the site has to offer.



Ed Balls

The shadow chancellor fired out his own name back in 2011 after an aide prompted him to search Twitter for an article about him. Balls’ gaffe spawned ‘Ed Balls Day’ on April 28, a time to celebrate this tweet in all its glory. Five years on and Ed’s balls-up is 60,000+ retweets strong.


Joleon Lescott

It’s been a bad year for Aston Villa. The West Midlands giants have looked doomed to relegation since August. Fan fury boiled over in February when captain Joleon Lescott tweeted out a photo of his£121,000 Mercedes after a 6-0 hammering by Liverpool. His excuse? He accidentally arse-tweeted it from his phone while driving. Mm-hmm.


Phil Neville

After being appointed assistant manager at Valencia, Neville tried to win over fans by showing his grasp of Spanish. Bad move. His message “corrida de la mañana en la playa de empezar el día” was intended as “Morning… early morning run on the beach to start the day”. In reality “corrida” translates to “ejaculation”. Oh, the fun that was had at Fizzer’s expense.


Rita Ora

Singer. X Factor judge. Hollywood actress. Perennial gossip column filler. Rita Ora is nothing if not ambitious. That was her undoing in 2014, when she promised to release a new track if her announcement message got 100,000 retweets. Despite having four million followers at the time, she barely stumbled to 1,000 and subsequently deleted her failed call to arms.


Ian Botham

The England cricket legend suffered the ultimate social media embarrassment when an explicit photo appeared out of the blue on his timeline one morning back in 2014. Botham’s middle stump swiftly went viral, and he claimed hackers were responsible for the post. Let’s call this one a massive cock-up.


Dele Adebola

Former Coventry and Nottingham Forest striker Dele Adebola was left embarrassed after tweeting out a link to a PornHub video, then admitted straight after that he didn’t know how to delete it. That same month he went viral thanks to this tweet insisting he wasn’t a victim of the ebola outbreak.


Donald Trump

The Republican blowhard made a mess of a tweet earlier this year when he managed to misquote Gandhi in a post designed to drum up support. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” This is, in fact, a quote from far-left union leader Nicholas Klein. The first three out of four points apply to Trump. Point four would usher in the four horsemen of the apocalypse.


Louise Mensch

Where to even start with Louise Mensch? Her gaffes have been plenty, and the most recent saw her fall foul of Twitter’s autocomplete function. In a bid to attack Labour MP Liz Kendall, Mensch exposed her own previous search history and ended up looking mighty ridiculous in the process.


Ronnie Whelan

Ex-Liverpool star Ronnie Whelan clearly didn’t bother to read over a promotional tweet from Bulmers before posting. “Hi Ronnie, tweet to be put up tonight” he cut-and-paste before firing out his message into the social media ether. Still, at least he got the @-ing and hashtagging right.


Naomi Campbell

“Congratulations malaria on your #noblepeaceprize,” Campbell cheerily wrote in 2014. What the supermodel should have done is hail Malala Yousafzai, the schoolgirl who became the youngest ever Nobel winner following her campaigning to educate women in Pakistan.

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