Deep Fried Delicacies: 10 Foods That Are Better In Batter

Because batter is better.

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When it comes to food, everything is better in batter.

From pepperoni pizza through to the classic Cadbury’s Crème Egg – if it’s edible, it can be deep fried, and the results are always guaranteed to be incredible.

But which is the most popular deep-fried delicacy of them all? Wren Kitchens has the numbers (based on the number of Google searches) to find out. 


Deep Fried Donuts

The only way to improve a donut.


Deep Fried Bananas

Probably not one of your five a day.


Deep Fried Creme Egg

Which came first, the fried chicken or the fried creme egg?


Deep Fried Cake

When an ordinary cake simply won’t do.


Deep Fried Oreos

They go great with a glass of milk (doesn’t have to be fried).


Deep Fried Halloumi

Hallou, is it mi you’re looking for??

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So this is what heaven looks like.


Deep Fried Ice Cream

Oh. My. God.


Deep Fried Butter

What? Butter is a food!


Deep Fried Pizza

The holy friggin grail #deepfriedpizza #ocfair

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A giant slice of heaven.


Deep Fried Mars Bars

The ultimate, the best, the most popular deep-fried delicacy.

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