10 of Conor McGregor’s most savage insults

The UFC star has a mouth on him and isn't afraid to use it.

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has a mouth on him and he isn’t afraid to use it.

When it comes to dishing out insults, nobody’s quite as vicious as the Irish UFC featherweight contender. Recently the WWE has been on the receiving end of McGregor’s sharp tongue, but the fury doesn’t end there.

Ahead of McGregor’s UFC comeback this weekend, here are 10 of his most cutting put-downs. grab your popcorn, these insults get tasty…


To John Cena

“What’s the main guy? John Cena. He’s 40. He’s 40 years of age. He’s walking around in a luminous orange t-shirt and a headband talking about nobody can see him. We can see him right there. He’s a big, fat, 40-year-old failed Mr. Olympia motherfucker.”


To Jose Aldo

“He’s like a little cholo gangster from the hood, but at the same time, he coaches kids jiujitsu on a Sunday morning, and goes on bike rides with the elderly! He makes gun signs with the right hand, and animal balloons on the left hand. You’re a credit to the community.”


To Rafael dos Anjos

“I saw the picture Dos Anjos [injured foot]. It’s a bruise. I heard ice works wonders. What do you want me to say? If I jumped under an X-ray the doctor would slap me and say ‘What are you doing here? Stop this. Get out of here.’ Dos Anjos broke his foot and vagina in the same damn day. I couldn’t believe the odds of that happening.”


To Dennis Silver

“My thoughts on Dennis Siver are he’s a midget German steroid head. That’s my thoughts on him, so I don’t have any thoughts other than that. But if you think I celebrate number nine, you’re highly mistaken my friend. I don’t give a sh*t about rankings. As far as I’m concerned, I’m number one.”


To Chad Mendes

“I can rest my balls on your forehead.”


To the entire WWE

“I think these WWE guys, they’re not right in the head some of them. I mean the new guys are dweebs, let’s be honest, absolute dweebs but the old school guys are legends. Ric Flair is a legend. The McMahons of course — Dons. But I just say it as it is — they’re dweebs.”


To Urijah Faber

“I kept telling him to dress his age, I said you dress like a 50 year old skateboarder. He was saying in California we work so we don’t have to wear suits. I work so I can do the opposite.”


To Dustin Poirier

“He doesn’t impress me at all. I believe he’s a basic fighter, he throws basic shots, and in my eyes he’s a journeyman. It’s that simple. Don’t get me wrong, I like the kid. He is a quiet little hillbilly from the back arse of nowhere. His cousin is probably named Cleatus, I have nothing against the guy but coming up against me, that’s not going to be good. I’m going to crack him with a jab and put him away early.”


To Cub Swanson

“If you look at Hans Moleman, and you look at Cub, they look quite similar.”


To Cowboy Cerrone

“You’re too slow and too stiff. You’re stiff as a board – I’d snap you in half. I see stiffness when I look in that division, I feel like they’re stuck in the mud almost.”

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