10 actors you never knew were in Star Trek

The unlikely stars who faced Kirk, Picard and more.

Dwayne Johnson in Star Trek Voyager
What's he cooking? Dwayne Johnson in Star Trek Voyager.

50 years. 13 motion pictures. 6 TV series. Star Trek is one colossal sci-fi franchise.

Not that surprising, then, that the series has seen some impressive acting talent beam into view. Sure, you have William Shatner idiosyncratic delivery and Patrick Stewart’s Shakespearean seriousness, but beyond that there’s been many memorable supporting roles.

Naturally, a lot of Trek stars are familiar faces – but how many of this lot do you really remember from the show and movies? Here are 10 actors you never knew where in Star Trek.


Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall in Star Trek


Best known as Sex and the City’s fiery Samantha Jones, Cattrall donned pointy ears and a dubious hairstyle to play Vulcan lieutenant Valeris in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. A protege of Spock, she turned villainess in the Trek sequel and off-screen (if rumours are to be believed). Cattrall allegedly took part in a photoshoot on the Enterprise set wearing nothing but Vulcan ears. Leonard Nimoy was so enraged he found the negatives and destroyed them all. 

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