10 actors you never knew were in Grand Theft Auto

How many of this lot do you remember?

Grand Theft Auto 5Image Picture Rockstar Games

It’s the biggest video game franchise going, so it’s hardly a surprise to see its makers Rockstar splash the cash on some big name voiceover actors.

Grand Theft Auto stretches all the way back to 1997 when it was a humble top-down crime spree game that pissed off Daily Mail readers thanks to its demented violence.

That’s hardly changed over the years, neither has the general climb-the-criminal-ladder central concept. What has, though, is the star power of each instalment. Tucked away in the GTA games are some big stars you wouldn’t expect (or might have missed completely).

Here’s a look through ten of the most significant names to have ever graced a Grand Theft Auto game.


Debbie Harry


Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry has strong ties to GTA. Not only was she the voice of Kaufman Cabs dispatcher Delores, she also had her track Rush Rush appear in Vice City. Incidentally the Giorgio Moroder song originated from Scarface, the film that inspired Vice City.

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